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Welcome to PUA Forum. Here we will give you the low-down on the PUA or “Pick Up Artist” forums that you can read, join, and post on. If you are new to the scene and looking to get a lot of knowledge, find techniques that you can try, and even find cool guys who you can go out and game with then you have come to the right place.

Which PUA forum should I choose?

There are lots of pick up forums out there, and being part of the wrong one could be a big problem. Right off the bat, there are things which you should look to avoid:

-PUA forums which are controlled and moderated by Pick up companies. Companies that do training and sell products will influence the “voice” on the forum and create an atmosphere that is biased. It’s like reading government propaganda.

-Excessively moderated forums. Forums that delete commercial or hateful posts are fine. Forums that moderate EVERYTHING you try and post are not.

-Forums with lots of amateur posters who can’t teach you anything, or even worse can teach you the wrong thing.   Some forums actually have Master PUAs as members, as well as guys who really know their stuff.  It’s a big difference when you compare these forums to ones which only have amateurs.

-Negative forums that don’t encourage but bash and are full of huge egos.  Yes it’s fun sometimes to read this negative stuff, but for a guy who wants to get better it can hurt.  Skepticism is great, but outright hating is not.

-Forums without critical mass where no one posts.  If the last post was a week ago and has zero replies, or if it’s the same 5 guys over and over again, you are on a dead or dying forum.

-Paid forums – There is absolutely no need to pay to be a member of a PUA forum, the free forums are of a higher quality and have better contributions.  Pay for products and live events, sure, but the whole benefit of a forum is the free advice and discussion.

The best PUA forum

Having conducted a thorough review there are two clear winners in terms of great PUA Forums that you would enjoy being part of. These are:

1. PUA Forum : MPUA Forum

2. PUA Forums: MASF on Fast Seduction

Pick Up Artist Forum has featured MPUAU posters including some of the world’s best Pick Up Artists, close to 100,000 members, and lots of activity and great posts. It loads quickly, has a great design and has very few ads once you are a member.  There are enough different sections to allow you to discuss everything from the latest live pick up videos to routines, to natural game.

PUA Forum - The Pick Up Artist Forum

MASF is the original pua forum mentioned in best selling book, The Game by Neil Strauss, where it was referred to as “alt.seduction.fast”. It is where the original discussion took place between guys like Mystery, Style, and Tyler Durden took place. Today it’s where the higher level discussion takes place so it might not be as fun as Pick Up Artist Forum and is a little more advanced and technical so might be for guys at a higher level.

You can sign up to Pick Up Artist Forum for free by clicking here (this link goes straight to the registration page). You also get a bunch of cool audio interviews (and some videos) with top Master PUAs – the same guys who are members, and they are well worth listening to whether you are just starting out or are already pretty advanced.

You can sign up to MASF here.  Good luck guys, get everything you can out of these places, and if you ever need a jump start, just check out the stuff I link to on the banners on the site, only the absolute best out there (and there are literally thousands of ebooks and DVDs and things) will I list on the PUA forum site.

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  • Hai said:

    I just came back from getting my hair cut at a salon I went to twice before. About a year ago I went there when it was closing and had my haircut. It was closing time and there were about 3 hairdressers there and 1 clerk girl. I was the last customer and I had plenty of time. While my hairdresser cut my hair, I did “the cube” on her, and we got into such a great discussion that all the rest of the girls wanted me to do it on them too. Anyway, I made quite an impression on them and just left it at that. Anyway, a year later, i.e. today, I went back and it was a slow day again. I saw one of the hairdressers there, a blonde Romanian looking one by the name of Laurie. I asked her if she remembered me and she said she did, and that my hair was a lot longer than it was before. (That was a year ago, so I must have made a good impression). Anyway, so she washes my hair, I talk to her about the scar on her chin from when she was running on snow plows, I talk about her heritage, about my impending trip to the philippines, we talk about how I like to swim, how she likes to ride her boyfriend’s quadricycle, about how she got her GED after her freshman year in highschool, how she’s from new hampshire, etc. etc. I really wanted to escalate sexually but didn’t know a gambit to pull or what to say to do that. I thanked her and paid my bill and left. And as I was paying, I was thinking to myself, damn she is so hot–then I thought,” I could have just said ‘You know what, I think you’re really attractive, let’s grab a drink later tonight.’ ” That could have been a good transition right? From my experience, these direct transitions tend to not work well because the ball’s entirely in her court. But anyway… I’m looking for some kind of gambit that could have let me close her. Talking about her boyfriend who worked for the trains she seemed like she was in a sleepy relationship and that I could have added a little spice into her life. Even though I’m like 120 lb asian dude and she was probably 150 lb european type. Any possible transition points you guys can give me here?