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The PUA (Pick Up Artist) society has observed a sharp rise in interest over the last few years. If you have never come across the industry until now, then you’re perhaps not accustomed to these guys actually do.
A PUA is someone that focuses a lot of their time and energy on approaching, attracting and picking up girls of all ages and types, so that he can have solid game.
Once he’s no stranger to with precisely how seduction works along with what ladies are searching for in a guy, his work …

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This is a Stealth Attraction review and discussion…
There’s been a lot of talk recently on the popular PUA Forums about a product which was developed by Gambler over at PUA Training called Stealth Attraction. It’s basically a 3 DVD course with workbooks that offer some of his most renowned dating and pick up techniques. Methods and techniques which have been developed over years of hard work, talking to thousands of women in clubs and bars in the toughest places.
What is Stealth Attraction?
It’s a breakdown of proven methods that have worked for many …

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There are 5 basic ways in which humans can interact with each other:
1. we demonstrate a higher value to others (DHV).
2. we demonstrate a lower value (DLV).
3. we indicate our interest in others (IOI).
4. we indicate our disinterest (IOD).
5. we test for Compliance (almost all interactions at some point come down to a test for compliance).
If you have read anything to do with pick up theory, you will probably be very familiar with the above terminology. The subject of this article is compliance but what exactly does this mean? …

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What defines a successful opening?
To quote Sinn, “a “successful” opening is one where you can approach a stranger or group of strangers and initiate the conversation in such a way that they are content to have you stay and talk further. It takes 3-30 seconds.”
This sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, there are a few common problems that guys have that Sinn sees time and time again, all of which we will address:

they don’t know what to say.

they don’t know where to stand.

they don’t know what to do after the opener.

What …

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Pick-up artists used to adhere to the ‘7 hour rule’, which states that it takes roughly 7 hours to get a girl from the opener all the way to sex. This has now been surpassed by the idea of the thresholds of comfort.
But what exactly do we mean by comfort thresholds? By definition a threshold is:
” The point at which a stimulus is of sufficient intensity to begin to produce an effect: the threshold of consciousness; a low threshold of pain.”
We can also define comfort as simply the lack of …